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Church in Society

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We believe the Christian perspective on life is both a valuable and necessary voice in the world. Jesus often confronted people with political, economic and social power in his own day, challenging them to consider the values that influenced their way of life. The Gospel also challenges the way we live in today’s world – not simply as individuals but in society at large. In this section of the website you can find out how Ely Diocese engages with a broad range of social issues in the wider community.

Church in Society

We seek to promote, develop, and co-ordinate responsible social thought and action within the Ely Diocese, by raising awareness about how Christian beliefs can help shape a more caring society.

The Department of Mission works to represent and support these areas of social concern:


Mothers' Union

Social & Welfare Work

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University and College Links

Most of the colleges of the University of Cambridge have chapels which are foundations of the Church of England.