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Primary School Collective Worship ideas for Year 2013-2014


Thematic Index


See the end of the page for an introduction to the principles of the collective worship plan.

Autumn Term 2013

1/9/13 Proper 17 Don't be a show off
8/9/13 Proper 18 A Detective Story
15/9/13 Proper 19 What do you demonstrate?
22/9/13 Proper 20 Prayer
29/9/13 Proper 21 Caring for others
6/10/13 Proper 22 It's not easy to be a Christian
13/10/13 Proper 23 Invitation to the feast
20/10/13 Proper 24 Give to Caesar

Half Term

3/11/13 4th Sunday before Advent All Saints / All Souls
10/11/13 3rd Sunday before Advent Remembrance
17/11/13 2nd Sunday before Advent Work is important
24/11/13 Sunday before Advent King of the World
1/12/13 Advent Sunday Change for Peace
8/12/13 Advent 2 Peace
15/12/13 Advent 3 Precious Advent






Spring Term 2014

5/1/2014 Epiphany Gifts
12/1/2014 The Baptism of Jesus Baptism of Jesus - Life changing moments
19/1/2014 Epiphany 2 Follow the leader
26/1/2014 Epiphany 3 Four fishermen
2/2/2014 Epiphany 4 - Candlemas Candlemas A
9/2/2014 Epiphany 5 Lighthouses

Half Term

23/2/14 Second Sunday before Lent Worry, Worry
2/3/2014 Sunday before Lent Prayer for Vellore
9/3/2014 Lent 1 Don't do that!
16/3/2014 Lent 2 Sacrifices
23/3/2014 Lent 3 Water of Life
30/3/2014 Lent 4 Mothering Sunday

Summer Term 2014

20/4/2014 Easter Mary Magdalene
27/4/2014 Easter 2 Who do you believe? - Doubting Thomas
4/5/2014 Easter 3 Doing a UE for God
11/5/2014 Easter 4 All about doors
18/5/2014 Easter 5 Cornerstones

Half Term

1/6/2014 Easter 7 Ascension - Jesus the King
8/6/2014 Pentecost The Big Birthday Party
15/6/2014 Trinity Trinity
22/6/2014 Proper 7 Trust in God
29/6/2014 Proper 8 An enormous puzzle
6/7/2014 Proper 9 Be yourself


Proper 10 Words
20/7/2014 Proper 11 Jacob's Ladder

2014-2015 - in preparation


Introduction to the Collective Worship Plan

The Church of England Lectionary is divided into three years of Bible readings (Years A, B and C) which follow on from each other in a continuous cycle. Each new Church Year begins with Advent Sunday which falls at the end of November or the beginning of December, four Sundays before Christmas Day.

On each Sunday three readings are designated for use; usually one from the Old Testament, one from the Epistles and one from the Gospels. In each of the suggested acts of collective worship above the author has taken one of these three designated readings as their theme (except when a significant Christian feast day falls on a day within that week, when the readings for this day may have been used instead of the Sunday readings).

By using the suggestions above regularly, your school will be able to follow the pattern of readings which will be taking place in your local parish church, week by week, over the whole of the Church's Year. The dates given in the index are all Sundays.

Of course, you may chose to use some of the collective worship ideas at other times of the year, to fit in with your existing themed programme. The short titles beside each date will allow you to select those subjects of interest to you. You will find worship materials from other years still on the site - use the thematic index to find out what is available.

These materials were originally devised to be stand alone, but as several schools are using the lectionary suggestion given here to set their theme for the week we have now started to include suggestions of other Bible stories on a similar theme to the original reading at the bottom of each act of worship. These are entirely optional.

We recommend that Church Schools use a four part model of worship in their collective worship, with liturgical greetings and the format “Gathering, Engaging, Responding, Sending” (GERS) which is the outline format for any Church of England Service of the Word.   Flippin’ Praise is an excellent resource with which to do this and can be purchased through ChurchschoolsEast.   The principles are applicable to whole school, key stage and class worship. The notes below are to help with your preparation using this model (the individual acts of worship on this page have not yet been rewritten in this format, but will transfer easily into it).


We gather together and greet each other.

We all come to play a part in this community.

We are preparing to meet God.

How is the room set up?

How is seating arranged?

Does everyone know what they should be doing?

What will the greeting be like?


We engage with the big things and the little things in life.

We encounter Jesus and the stories of the Bible.

We are listening for God’s message for us.

How will you share God’s message?

How will you share your own experiences or contemporary events?

What strategies will you use?


We respond to what we have heard and seen.

We respond together as individuals.

We are given the opportunity to worship God.

Will you use singing or prayer or reflection time?

Will there be a practical response and how will this be encouraged?

Do you give enough time to responding?


We are sent out to love and serve one another and to make a difference in the world.

We are all dismissed with God’s blessing.

How will people leave worship – singing? silently?

Will there be special words of blessing or dismissal?


Thematic Index