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These pages will help you explore the part you can play by offering and developing your own gifts, resources and ministry as part of the Church worldwide. The Ministry Team are responsible for all of these ministerial activities in the diocese.


The Ministry Team look after the following areas of training in the diocese.

Vocation and Ministry

Are you being called to ministry? When Christians talk about a 'call' we mean that God is calling us — in our mind and heart - to take an action or make a choice. 'Vocation' is the word often used to describe a call that leads us into a particular way of life.

Upcoming Lectures and Seminars

News Update

Parish Leadership and Development Programme

Photo of clergy and laityOrder of the Laity, Order of the Clergy – Is there a difference? One of the seminars in a series about Parish Leadership and Development being offered the ministry team. This session was led by the Rt Revd David Rossdale, retired Bishop of Grimsby, on Saturday 29 March. Photo taken by Jan Payne.

The Department of Ministry has arranged a series of training mornings which will be of interest to all ministers, lay and ordained, and churchwardens.

The next session in the leadership development programme is scheduled for Saturday 25 October – ‘THE PERILS OF TRANSFORMATION – CONFLICT CHANGE” Speaker: Revd Canon Dr Dennis Stamps

Every minister as a leader has, at some time, to help implement transformation. Often that ‘transformation’ will involve change and change will involve conflict. In this session we will consider how groups respond to change and ways to manage conflict in that change. We will explore some of the spiritual aspects to the challenges of transformation and change. The goal is to help you think through change and give you some tools to deal with the challenges that inevitably come with change.
Revd Canon Dr Dennis Stamps is currently Rector of Harpenden, a commuter town parish which is unusual having three churches but being one parish. Previously, for ten years, he was the Ministry Development Officer / Director of Ministry for St Albans Diocese.

Places are limited, the training morning is free of charge, so please book now to avoid disappointment. Email or ring Jennie Woolston, Department of Ministry Administrator on Ely (01353) 652713 or email: Ministry@ely.anglican.org

Parish Leadership and Development Morning
Summary of Morning and Hand-outs
Team Player, Team Leader

Saturday 21st June, Ely Methodist Church, Ely
Speaker: Canon Keith Lamdin, Principal Sarum College

We talk a lot about collaborative ministry and leadership without really understanding some of the unspoken assumptions that so often seem to get in the way of real team work. In this session we looked at some different models of leadership and their implications for team working.

Canon Keith Lamdin has worked in teams and led teams within church settings for over 30 years and believes he has gathered some clues about what works and what doesn’t.

The handouts for the session are available to download as is a copy of the powerpoint slides that Keith used throughout his presentation.

At the ministry training seminar on Saturday 19 July, Bishop Stephen gave a talk about gifts and passions. One of our ALMs, David Potter was inspired to write this poem after the talk.

Gifts and Passions

It starts with God. Shaped by his grace,
We stand with Jesus in this place,
With character and competence,
They also serve who join the dance.

Deciding where our gifts will fit
He reaches out to put our mitt
Into the hand of Father Lord
They also serve who preach the Word.

Abiding in His love, we meet
Disciples who lead lives complete.
And live the Gospel every day,
They also serve who humbly pray.

We use our gifts as best we can,
To implement the Mission Plan.
A welcome smile, a ready ear,
They also serve who volunteer.

Gifts we share from the living Christ
Proclaim a kingdom without price
Vivid with the Spirit's power,
They also serve who build the tower.

In mission and in ministry
We disregard old boundaries
Journey on the excellent way,
They also serve - clergy and lay.

David Potter
July 2014