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Lent Appeal

25th October 2007

The Bishop of Ely's Lent Appeal for 2008 will support the work of the Leprosy Mission. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the importance of an organisation with headquarters in our Diocese (in Orton Goldhay), much of whose work is exercised in South India and which directly benefits people from Vellore, our link Diocese.

The Revd Mike Griffin, Area Co-Ordinator for the Leprosy Mission, has greeted the Appeal warmly:

"The Leprosy Mission is delighted to have been chosen by the Bishop of Ely for the 2008 Ely Diocese Lent Appeal. Leprosy remains a serious health issue within the developing world with 174,118 people being diagnosed in South East Asia (including India) alone in 2006.

"The Lent Appeal will help to meet these needs by supporting Karigiri Hospital in Ely's link diocese of Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Karigiri serves leprosy and non-leprosy patients, providing holistic specialist care and specialising in Dermatology, Reconstructive Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology, Community Health and Pathology. Physical and Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Counsellors offer professional skill combined with Christian care, love and witness. The Lent Appeal will go towards the medical work of Karigiri as it seeks to reach out in Jesus' name to the sick and the hurting of Vellore."

A mailing will shortly be sent to all PCC Secretaries, enclosing leaflets and Gift Aid declaration forms.

In the meanwhile, Bridget Nichols will be happy to respond to enquiries (bridget.nichols@ely.anglican.org)