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New Secondary Schools Online Survey

25th July 2008

Over the next few years a number of new secondary schools will be built in our region and others might have the chance to change their status if there is a demand.

Although there are many Church of England primary schools, there are currently very few church secondary schools in our region. We are trying to gauge the level of support there might be for providing extra choice for parents through the establishment of new church secondary schools that are local and accessible.

Such new schools would be inclusive and non-selective ‘neighbourhood schools with Christian character’ and, of course, their ultimate success would depend upon their being excellent.

Please take part in our online survey. Click on the Link at the top of the Education or Schools homepage. The Survey will be online until 25th July 2008.

The survey is very brief - six tick-box questions - and you will not be asked to leave your name or Email address. However, you can only take part once.

When an opportunity arises, we will be asked what parental support there would be.

Of course this doesn’t itself mean that it will be possible to create new schools overnight. It is for the Local Authorities to commission new schools and to invite potential sponsors, sometimes through a competition. But it would be immensely helpful to us as we plan any proposals for new church secondary school provision to have an idea to what extent such new choice and diversity would be welcomed by parents and carers.

Thank you in anticipation.

Tim Elbourne