What is the A1 Church?

The A1 Church exists as a lively village church but also as a virtual church. It is a vibrant community of people with a mission to the wider community. We hope you will find refreshment either for your journey up or down the A1 or your journey through life. We are in our infancy but we hope that you will share your journey with us by making use of our facilities while travelling the A1 or the resources on this and our sister website. As well as offering hospitality to users of the A1 trunk road, we pray regularly that God will deliver them from accidents, from the causes of accidents and hold them safe in his hands.

What's new?

We at A1 Church send our heartfelt condolences to the family of Gareth Rhys-Evans who tragically died on 3 May in a traffic accident as he took part with 120 others in a cycling time trial event between Tempsford and Buckden on the A1. Gareth, a 37-year-old army major was based in Germany but staying with local relatives. We remember Gareth in our prayers.

We also remember in our prayers the tragic fatality on 21 April when a driver fell from his lorry parked on a bridge over the A1at Wyboston onto the carriage way below.

Where Is the A1 Church?

The A1 Church is here (online) and in Buckden (between Huntingdon and St Neots, in Cambridgeshire). The A1 has a roundabout in Buckden, so if you have enjoyed visiting the online A1 Church, why not break your journey and visit the A1 Church’s physical home in St Mary’s the Parish Church of Buckden? The Postcode of the church is PE19 5TL, and you can find a map here for Buckden Village. Coming from the A1, take the 'Buckden' exit on the Roundabout, and follow the road into the village. Continue straight on until the George Hotel and the Lion (two coaching inns) and then turn right by the very tall red brick wall and you will see the parish church on your left.

Welcome to the A1 Church

The A1 Church seeks to ‘enable the journey’ by resourcing those who are on a physical journey up or down the A1:

refreshment for the body

refreshment for the soul

Loving Father God,
Who travels with us on all our journeys,
and stays with us in all our resting places:
Guard and keep me as I travel today;
Give me an alert mind and a steady hand,
And grant me patience and self-control,
So that I will not be the cause of others' hurt,
Nor will I be hurt by the mistakes of others;
And bring me, and all who travel with me,
Safely to our journey's end.

You can always return to this page by clicking on the A1 Church logo at the top left of the webpage or using the back arrow on your browser. We hope you enjoy your visit.

We come together in church to worship God, to hear His word and to share the Good news of Jesus,
receiving forgiveness and renewal through His death and resurrection.

We are sent out from church to live as Christian disciples, showing love to others
and living out our faith in all we think, say and do.

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