Buckden Village


A project to build new

Community Rooms

with modern facilities in

St Mary's - the Parish Church of Buckden


Living Stones






The current church building has met the needs of the people of Buckden by constantly adapting to the needs of the time. The last major adaptation was in the 19th Century. We now have a vision for the church to meet its 21st Century role for its members and the wider community.

We want to provide new facilities for:

  • the congregation (Sundays/weddings/funerals etc) 
  • for school groups who come to worship or study
  • for visiting tourists
  • for social care groups
  • for cultural events, concerts & drama
  • for people with disabilities    


What is planned:

An extension running the entire length of the north side of the church will be built between the church and the existing boundary with Buckden Towers, and comprising:

  • New Entrance Hall (East end of Church)
  • Toilets (Disabled friendly)
  • Kitchen
  • Community Meeting Room
  • Exhibition Area
  • Storage space


This exciting project has been under consideration for more than 15 years.  Earlier, lower cost plans have all been rejected by the planning authorities.  This project combines the need to add modern facilities with the requirement to preserve and conserve this Grade II listed building by rebuilding the Northern buttresses which are threatening the building structure. The planning authorities, understandably, are also insisting that the extension uses materials which are sympathetic with the existing structures.  The conservation element of the project represents nearly 120k of the overall expenditure, whilst the use of sympathetic materials required by English Heritage and others has added a further 100k to the overall costs

Financial Plan


We plan to raise 575,000 by seeking:

  • Donations and subscriptions from within Buckden village,
  • Money from grant-making trusts.
  • Fund-raising events

How can you help?

Participate in forthcoming fund-raising events


Pledge 5, 10, 20, 50, 100/month


Become a Foundation Member by donating at least 1000

Foundation Membership is limited but all members will be allocated a "stone" to be marked, if wished, with the donor's name or in memory of a loved one.


Information on Foundation Membership, subscriptions, donations, fundraising events, is available from the contacts overleaf

Information on Gift Aid, and other forms of subscription are available in a separate leaflet




Web Site: www.stmarysbuckden.org.uk


For information about events:

Ron Ingamells

or telephone

01480 811608


For information about fundraising:

Barry Priest

or telephone

01480 810098


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