The Acorn Group is a working group from the PCC and has been set up to look at current church life in the light of the survey undertaken in April 2001 (Church Life Profile). The group members are Helen Cotterill, Richard Noble, Peter Brittain and the vicar.

The task of the group is to make recommendations which will enable the development of the life and outreach of St Mary's Church.

The connection between acorns and St Mary's, and, therefore the name of the working group, is that just as an acorn sits in its cup, so the working group is cradled in the PCC and nourished by our Church worship, symbolised by the Chalice. Just as the acorn puts down roots in the soil and grows into a big oak tree, leaving no trace behind, so we hope to enable St Mary's Church to reach out into the 'fertile soil' that is the locality of Buckden, and so grow into a strong church like the big oak tree in the church yard.

The Acorn Prayer

Review of Acorn Speacial Event on 22 February 2004

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