As the Bishop of Huntingdon ended the final chapter in the unique Marathon Reading of the Bible at St Mary's Church on Sunday 12 September, the large congregation spontaneously applauded with emotion as a voice from the back proclaimed a loud Amen! At the same moment the St Mary's bell-ringers signalled the completion to the whole village with a rousing peal of bells. It was a moving conclusion to an amazing long weekend in which so many participated to raise money for Buckden's Living Stones Appeal

Here are a few of many comments about the event.

A big thank you for all your hard work, commitment and support for the Marathon. Everyone played their part and the end result was an event which far exceeded our expectations and raised around 10,000 once the tax has been reclaimed. I am thrilled with what we achieved which was much more than money and involved the whole community, with a happy party spirit and a spiritual dimension.

Elspeth Thomas

I have been involved with many fund-raising and church events but the Bible Reading Marathon at St. Mary's was a very special occasion. Both Janet and I were very pleased to be part of this memorable event as we are pleased to be here in Buckden!

Ron Ingamells

An amazing experience, at the evening service I became quite emotional on what we had achieved. Never thought we would make it - sorry to have been a doubting Thomas. Brought together so many people of the village.


An exhilarating experience - even when reading Job in the middle of the night. What an example of a community effort!

Lorraine Toogood

Didn't want it to end. Wonderful experience. So many people from inside our church and outside. Amazing timing that it all ended on time. Lots of smiling faces, hugs, congratulations and pure joy at reading the Bible. Getting a list of unpronounceable names to read and people giggling around me. On a high! Who needs drugs just read the Bible. Many photos taken will be on web site and some in a scrap book of the whole event. Wow what a weekend.


 Impressions - wonderfully fulfilling. To see so many at the final act made the whole exercise worthwhile. One inspirational story came from a lady, not of this parish who confided that she had become somewhat of a recluse but the community spirit she experienced has inspired her to go out and rejoin the world. The logistics eg timing, was truly extraordinary and to finish exactly on time demonstrated that there was a guiding hand to our efforts. Finally, for anyone else who attempts such a venture, 10 minutes is the limit per reading. Congratulations and thanks to everyone.

Alan and Margaret

The hive of activity on Saturday afternoon as resting cyclists from the Historic Churches Fund- raising cycle event mingled with others attending the marathon reading keeping the refreshment helpers busy.

David Osman

An unexpected and dramatic moment when, at the end of the Sunday morning service we heard the 'reading' emerge from the Tower Room and return to the chancel.


Some people have all the luck... I read the glorious Song of Solomon in the early morning! Sorry Howard!


The MRB was a once in a lifetime experience and it was wonderful to have been part of it. The young and the old took part and the feeling of friendship was immense. The magic of the church at night with the chancel lit, dark outside and the lone voice of the reader was almost ethereal.

Margaret Street

My worst moment... when Mel Pegram arrived to read wearing a Spurs shirt and he knew they were playing Norwich that day!


The exceptional behaviour of the Children from Buckden School who came to read the Psalms. The Radio Cambridgeshire programme on which one of the choir girls said she thought the new extension to the church would encourage her brother and sister to come to church. The taped reading of psalm 119 by the Australian lady whose great grandparents lived in Buckden. The availability of constant tea and coffee. Hot water throughout the night was available. and finally families coming to read the Bible together. Wow! Still excited by it all.



Photographs of the Bible Reading Marathon can be viewed by clicking here.