Church Extension Progress



Following our failure to obtain planning permission for our church extension we have had two important meetings to try and determine where we can go from here.
On 7 September 2001 we gave a presentation to the Ely Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) to determine what support we had there. While there was overall support for our proposed scheme there were some dissenting voices and the outcome of the meeting was that modifications would need to be made.
On 5 December 2001 we held a meeting at the church with representatives of English Heritage, Council for the Care of Churches, Hundingdonshire District Council, Buckden Parish Council, DAC and our extension team. This meeting agreed in principle that we need more facilities. Unfortunately constraints put forward by various parties at the meeting appeared to make it impossible for us to achieve that aim. It was agreed, however, to form a small subcommittee, consisting of a member of each of the above listed bodies and our architect, to try and find a solution that best met the needs of the church within the constraints that were being imposed. This subcommittee agreed to report back to the main meeting at the beginning of March with details of what was agreed.




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