History of St Mary's Church


The village of Buckden lies to the west of the county of Cambridgeshire (it was formerly in the old county of Huntingdonshire), roughly equidistant between St Neots and Huntingdon and about sixty miles up the A l from London. It is known chiefly for having been for centuries the seat of the Bishops of Lincoln. Much of the old Bishop’s Palace remains to this day and its history, in both the archeological and sociological aspects, is fairly well documented. Link to Buckden Towers

The parish church of Buckden, St Mary’s, has by contrast received much less attention than the neighbouring palace but is none the less is worthy of attention as the features to be seen in this very interesting 13th — 15th building will show.

St Mary’s still exists today as a beautiful medieval church. In common with nearly all old English churches its chancel screen with the images of the Virgin and St John adoring Christ on the Cross was destroyed at the Reformation but many other features are still to be seen practically unchanged through the centuries.

St Mary's Church

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