Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a Christian organisation whose mission is to fly light aircraft in developing countries so that people in remote areas can receive the help they need. The Fellowship was founded in 1946 by pilots who had lived through the experience of the Second World War. Since then MAF pilots have been spreading the Gospel by word and deed, in places of deepest human need; isolated places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.

Every three minutes, a MAF aircraft is taking off or landing somewhere in the world. These flights enable crucial work by many development and aid agencies, local churches, missions and other national groups. Medical care, adequate food, clean water and Christian hope are reaching countless thousands of men, women and children. MAF's work is vital, lives depend on it.

Normally, passengers contribute a highly subsidised fare towards the true cost. The balance comes from people who care that others should have a better physical and spiritual life. St Mary's has adopted the MAF, a registered charity, and, as a church and from the congregation individually, tries to provide financial assistance to allow MAF's operational work and support services to continue.

MAF News is produced four times a year and placed in the trays at the back of the church. Regular information bulletins describing aspects of the practical work of MAF are also there for your interest as are prayer sheets which MAF uses to direct our thoughts into areas of need or thankfulness.

For more information, use the website at www.maf-uk.org or e-mail to maf@maf-uk.org

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