Records show that Buckden church once contained much early stained glass, including numerous shields of arms, amongst them those of Bishop Gray. Little now remains. The south aisle however contains some pieces; in the east window is a Coronation of the Virgin. The upper part of the Virgin and the head of Christ are missing. Both are seated on thrones. The figure of Christ is holding an orb in the left hand with the right raised in blessing. The figures are surrounded by Seraphim holding scrolls bearing the words “Regina celi letare a(lleluia) quia quem meruisti portare a(lleluia) resurrexit sicut dixit a(lleluia) ora pro nobis” — from the eight offices of the canonical hours (“Rejoice, Queen of Heaven, etc). Also in the tracery of the same window are three ornamental pieces with oak leaves.

South east window

In the west window there is an Annunciation showing the white lily often seen in pictures of the Annunciation (lilium candidum). The figure of the Virgin is shown kneeling at a desk surrounded by Seraphim as in the east window, bearing scrolls inscribed, “Sancta Maria (Virgo mater intercede pro) toto mundo quia genuisti regem orbis”. The glass in both of these windows is considered to be late 15th century and in situ ie remaining in the position in which it was originally installed.

South west window

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