The Roof

Carved life size figures of angels

The roof throughout the church is of the typical low pitched design of the 15th century with massive oak arched braces and wall posts supported by stone corbels. The chancel roof is of particular splendour, containing beautifully carved life size figures of angels with spread wings, four holding books. Some repairs were carried out in 1665, and the carved bosses date from this period, one being inscribed R.W. 1665. The six stone corbels upon which the wall posts rest are carved with angels holding scrolls or shields.

The roof of the nave is also late 15th century, of a similar design but higher pitched. It was repaired in 1649 and 1937. One of the timbers bears the inscription “I.I . C.P. ANNO 1649” (John Jackson and Cadwalader Powell, churchwardens). The corbels are carved with angels, some of which hold shields bearing the arms of Bishop Alnwick (d. 1449) who was a great benefactor of Buckden church.

The stone corbels supporting the timbers of the north and south aisles are carved with grotesque faces. Quite likely some are caricatures of people who lived in the village at that time. Additionally in the south aisle the rafters bear carved figures of angels holding a lute, viol, tabor, dulcimer and hurdy-gurdy. Vertical wooden figures of bishops are also carved into the wall posts.

Stone corbels supporting roof

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