The Tower, Bells and Clock

The tower is mainly 15th century, of the same material as the rest of the church but with thicker walls - about five feet thick. A spiral staircase, one of three in the church, is built into the south west corner and leads to the belfry. The tower rises in three stages with buttresses reaching up to the first two and has an embattled parapet round the top. There are four gargoyles and several grotesque faces carved round the parapet course. The spire is octagonal and rises from within the parapet. It is faced with stone slabs and has three tiers of four spire lights or small windows facing the cardinal points. The upper half of the steeple has required attention in recent times. Wind damaged the top in 1895 and in 1965 the top 7’6” (2.3m) was rebuilt following damage by supersonic booms.

Bells in churches are always of interest since they nearly always bear dated inscriptions. Buckden has six bel1s, inscribed: (1) Sca Katherina Ora Pro Nobis (St Catherine pray for us). This bell was made by Thomas Bullisdon, of London, and bears his trade mark. Bullisdon is recorded as having been carrying out his trade in London in 1510. (2) John Green Esq. and John Waller Churchwardens. Robt. Taylor St Neots Fecit. Robert Taylor worked at St Neots between 1785 and 1821. (3) John Green Esq. and Robt. Burder Churchwardens 1779. Edwd. Arnold St Neots Fecit. (4) Miles Graie Fecit 1654. (cast in Gamlingay). (5) John Bardar Michael Iarmand 1627. This bell was cast by William Hausley at St Ives. (6) Ely Association of Church Bellringers. Centenary Bell 1897-1997. To the Glory of God. Whites of Appleton Church Bell Hangers 1997 Whitechapel.

According to church records the clock and chimes were made and installed by a Mr. Thomas Power in 1681 and he was paid a total of 24 15s l0d.

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