Prayers for Our Own Nation.

For those in authority

Lord God of our fathers, whose faithfulness knows no end,
we pray for our Queen and for all those under her who guide
   and govern the affairs of our nation.
Fill them with the fear of your holy name that they may be set
   free from the fear of man.
Help them in every situation to know and do the thing that is right.
And overrule all their deliberations for the good of our people,
   and for your glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For Parliament

   Hear us, O Lord our God, as we pray for those who represent us in the Parliament of our nation and for those who serve in places of influence and authority.
   Amid all the pressures brought upon them may they follow your guidance and seek to do the thing that is right; that through them your will may be done for this nation, to the honour of your name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We come together in church to worship God, to hear His word and to share the Good news of Jesus,
receiving forgiveness and renewal through His death and resurrection.

We are sent out from church to live as Christian disciples, showing love to others
and living out our faith in all we think, say and do.

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