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In addition to the regular pattern of services (click here for details), there are a number of other activities throughout the year.

Special evening meditations are held during Advent and Lent.

Welle Churches Together also hold Advent and Lent groups in which Upwell St Peter participates.  This year, Welle Churches Together held a series of Lenten lunches to raise money for the Send a Cow charity.  There are also special services to mark Rogation Sunday and Remembrance Sunday.

At the Family Service each month (3rd Sunday), there is a stall selling Fairtrade products to raise money towards the work of Julianna Kelsall, a Wycliffe bible translator working in India.

Upwell St Peter has an annual flower festival at the end of June to mark Petertide.  This year’s festival will be taking place on 25-27 June and special events are being held to celebrate 50 years of flower festivals in Upwell - click here for more details.