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The earliest evidence for an organ in St Mary's occurs in White's Gazetteer of Norfolk (1845) which states that an organ was presented to the church "a few years ago" by the Revd E E Blencowe, who was Rector from 1831 - 1869.

The present instrument was installed by George Maydwell Holdich reputedly in 1893. It incorporates a six stop chorus of early 18th century origin, Holdich's contribution to the pipework being restricted to a pedal Bourdon, manual Gamba and extending the compass of the old stops beyond top d. Holdich may have been rebuilding Blencowe's instrument (assuming it was second hand) or clearing existing stock prior to his imminent retirement.

The organ was restored by Michael Latham of Northampton and re-opened in February 1996 by Paul Trepte, organist of Ely Cathedral. The pipework was regulated by Ian Bell to preserve an authentic 1700's sound and the instrument is an important historic survival. It contains the following stops:-

Open Diapason, Stopped Diapason, Gamba, Principal, Twelfth, Fifteenth, Sesquialtera; Bourdon, Pedal Coupler.

The organ is one of six local instruments featured on a CD recorded by Paul Derrett and entitled "Benchmarks - Volume 4". A copy can be obtained from the Church at a cost of £10 or from Michael Whitehall, 180 Lynn Road, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 3EB at a cost of £10.50 inclusive of postage. Cheques should be made payable to West Walton PCC.