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Visitors and those exploring the Christian faith will always find a warm welcome at our services. Our regular act of worship is the 9.30am Eucharist. We sing hymns chosen from the widely popular publication "Hymns Old and New". The talk is based upon the Scripture readings taken from the Revised Common Lectionary. You are invited to join us after the service for refreshments, hospitality and friendship.


First Sunday 9.30am Informal All Age Worship/Matins 

Second Sunday 9.30am Sung Eucharist
Other Sundays 9.30am Parish Eucharist.
When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, a joint service  is held with Walpole St. Peter's alternating between the two parishes.
We are now in interregnum. To make arrangements for baptisms, banns of marriage, weddings and funerals please contact the churchwardens.            

Our churchwardens are
Liz Knights, Alderforth Farm, Common Road, Walton Highway Wisbech PE147DG Tel 01945-582693 email lizknights@knightsadmin.co.uk      

David Baddeley, 29, Kirk Row, Walpole St.Andrew, Nr. Wisbech. PE14 7LL. email david@dbaddeley.plus.com 
Disabled access is available during all services and for pre arranged visitor groups. Access outside these times can be arranged by contacting either of the Churchwardens

Additional Future services and Church events
Easter Services
Compline 7pm Monday April 21st
Compline 7pm Tuesday April 22nd at Walpole St.Peter's
West Walton Community Primary School Easter Service 9.30am Thursday April 24th
Good Friday Vigil 12.00pm at St. Mary's Friday April 25th
Service of Light 8.00pm April 26th led by Rev. Canon Tony Porter
Easter Day Service at 9am April 27th
Church Event   


  Priest in Charge


of The Parishes of West Walton

and Walpole St Peter with St Andrew

and Deanery Fresh Expressions and Secondary School Minister


Our parishes centre upon two historic and active churches which are within five miles of each other in the heart of Fenland, in a village context combining the delights of country living with proximity to main roads and the growing but unspoiled market and port towns of Wisbech and Kings Lynn. The comfortable modern four bedroom Vicarage is in a quiet location next to the stunning and much loved gothic church of Walpole St Peter and within walking distance of the excellent Anthony Curton Church of England Primary School.


We are looking for an Incumbent who will recognise and value our traditions, but who will lead us into deeper Christian discipleship in our daily lives by journeying with us as we engage with the Diocesan Strategy ‘People Fully Alive’ and tackle the challenges of Christian discipleship in the twenty-first century. She or he will be at the forefront of those challenges in the Deanery by enabling us all to find Fresh Expressions of Church and work more closely with Secondary Schools in the Deanery.


Please visit www.ely.anglican.org/parishes/westwalton and www.walpolestpeterchurch.org


We are looking for someone:


  • Who is creative, flexible and sympathetic to diverse liturgical traditions

  • Who embraces new technology and, at the same time, values heritage and tradition

  • Who is able to engage with children and work equally well with the elderly, the infirm and all those in between

  • Who has a passion for rural ministry

  • Who will encourage collaborative working with the Deanery and take an active part in Deanery Chapter & Diocesan life

  • With a pastoral heart, who is outgoing and hands-on but who is able to delegate, where appropriate, appropriate aspects of ministry and parish administration through encouragement and training of the laity

  • Who will deploy half of their time, energy, skills and prayerfulness to the development of Fresh Expressions and Secondary Schools liaison across the Deanery

This is an exciting opportunity for someone with energy, drive and vision to further develop the role of our churches – faithful to the call of God; caring and visible within the community.   This appointment is subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure.


Additional information and application forms are available from the office of

The Archdeacon of Huntingdon & Wisbech, The Diocesan Office

Barton Road, Ely CB7 4DX 01945 652709

email:  archdeacon.handw@elydiocese.org



We pray to be generous and visible people of Jesus Christ.


                                                                                                                            Events held in 2012            

 The Sheringham Shantymen performance raised £300 for our building fund and a similar amount went to the local Macmillan Cancer Care group. Thanks to all those who supported the event and helped to make it such a success. 

Village Bingo held on May 15th '12 raised over £470 which is towards the Community Room and toilets. Thanks to Julie and Ros.
The joint discusion group [St. Mary's and St. Peter's] visited St. Mary's, Houghton on the Hill nr North Pickenham. After the conducted tour, a said evensong service was held. This was a very successful visit. If you have not visited this restored church you are missing an amazing place.      

Saturday 8th September Barbeque and Jazz at St.Mary's. This event raised£150 for church funds. Many thanks to all who helped.
Saturday 8th September PCSO Chris Lorraine took part in the Norfolk Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride and raised £160 cycling 35 miles and visiting 20 churches. Barry Moore also cycled around the Burnham Market area (North Norfolk) and raised £200. He visted 12 churches and cycled 32 miles. congratulations to both. The money raised will be split between St. Mary

October 5th The Harvest Supper held at the Village Hall  consisted of excellent soups and stews followed by freshly baked apple pies. This event raised £100 for church funds.
October 7th The annual Harvest Festival produce was sent to the Leonard Cheshire Disability at Hovenden House and was grately appreciated. 

October 12th West Walton Community Primary School Harvest Festival was attended by the whole school and many parents, grandparents and friends meaning that there was standing room only at the end! The collection was sent to a charity which provides help for children with limited sight.
December 21st West Walton Community Primary School held their annual Christingle Service at the Church and this was attended by a very large congregation of the school's supporters and was their most successful one so far.           


Events held in 2013
Lent Lunches.   The money raised from the lunches was given to Emmaus Group at Cambridge                                  

July 8th Rev. Batcock held a "mock" wedding service and explanation of the service for the pupils of West Walton Community School at 10.30am
July 12th  West Walton Community Primary School Summer Concert.      

The Joint discussion group with Walpole St. Peter's - April 13th 2014 7.15pm  
The Church has launched its "Walton One Pounder Club" further details from Liz Knights on 01945-582693. You do not have to be a "regular church goer" to get involved to save our historic church. Everyone welcome to join the club!


 Events held in 2014

April 19th 2014 Service of Light 8.30pm.      
April 30th Robert Foot Leukaemia event :"East of England Cathedrals and our churches at West Walton and Walpole"  19.30 at Walpole       
May 7th  Archdeacons Visitation Ely Cathedral 19.00
May 11th Christian Aid Lunch 12.30 at Walpole Parish Hall 
May 11th Discussion Group       
May 28th Ascension Communion West Walton                             
June 13th West Walton Community Primary School 50th Anniversary Concert 

Events held in 2015 
West Walton Community School held their Christingle Service, their Easter Celebration and their summer concert during the school year at St. Mary's.
The Sheringham Shantymen gave another excellant performance in June proceeds of £300 went towards the new Community Room.
The Church Fete and  Dog Show raised £1100 which goes to the Community Room fund.
Events held in 2016
Lent lunches held to raise money for the Wisbech McMillan local charity.  

Groups are most welcome to visit our historic church. Please contact lizknights@knightsadmin.co.uk or Paul.Williman@btinternet.com when arragements may be made for coffee or tea to be available!

Groups that have visited us

Friday April 20th 2012 Visit by Cromer Society.

Sunday May 27th 2012 Visit by Villiers Park Educational Trust.

Monday July 30th 2012 Visit by Nicholas Groves tour of West Norfolk Churches.
Wednesday 10th 2013 Visit by Mr Dennis Hance's group from Chelmsford.

Sunday 23rd June 2013 Visit by Villiers Park Educational Trust. Study weekend of Medieval Cathedrals, Monasteries and Churches of the Fenlands. www.villierspark.org.uk/studytours     
Friday 13th September 2013 Visit by North Norfolk U3A

Sunday May 18th 2014 visit by Villiers Park Education Trust 2.15pm      
Saturday May 24th 2014 visit by Charnwood U3A  
Wednesday June 25th 2014 visit by France-Angleterre Paris  
Thursday July 17th 2014 visit by Cambridge University Library
Sunday Sept 6th 2015 visit by Villiers Park Education Trust
Tuesday Sept 15th 2015 visit by Cambridge Association for local History

What do Christians believe?




Jesus said: “I am the good shepherd.”



Christians believe that the world, and the Universe, were willed into being by a loving God who gives meaning and purpose to each person and thing. There is a sense in which all         

people, regardless of gender and race, are made in God’s image. No-one is able to understand God fully, but we can best know about God by looking at the life and

teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.


Jesus was born in about 6BC in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth, both places being in present-day Israel. He was brought up as a well educated and practicing Jew. He learned his trade as a carpenter/builder until the age of about 30. Then something dramatic happened. He joined a group led by John the Baptist, and was baptized by him in the River Jordan. He was propelled into a new life as a story-teller, healer and teacher for about 3 years, until the Romans executed him by crucifixion in the year 30AD in Jerusalem. Against all the expectations of his friends, God raised him from death (the Resurrection), and this great fact compelled his followers to tell people far and wide about him.


The followers of Jesus formed a community known as the Church.   The Church’s task is to continue the work Jesus began. Jesus sent his Spirit to the Church at Pentecost to enable them to do this. God calls each one of us to become members of this community of faith. No matter what our past or our background, we are equal in God’s eyes, and equally part of his family: the Church.


Jesus taught people to think of God as a loving parent: he creates us, loves us, protects us, provides for our needs, and guides us through life. Jesus taught us to speak to him in prayer as “Our Father…” We are all children of God.


Jesus was fully human – he felt all the emotions we feel; he could be tired, frightened, angry, lonely, as well as full of joy and laughter, depending on the occasion. He could tell a very good story, and also had a special gift of healing. His followers began to see             that there was something a bit more to him than merely human. His life was so close to that desired by God, he was able to say that whoever saw him had seen the Father. His rising                                                      from the dead proved this to his followers. Through his death, Jesus identifies with humanity, even in all it suffers, including pain and death. In Jesus, God shows that it is possible to go beyond suffering, and find new life.


After Jesus’s death and resurrection, he returned to be with his heavenly       Father. Then he sent his followers the             Holy Spirit at Pentecost, to enable them to continue the work he had been doing. The Spirit is still with his followers, and gives us gifts to change ourselves and bring help to other


The Bible is a library of books written by many different people. These people tried to share their    insights into what God was like. The        Old Testament centers round a story of liberation, the people of Israel freed from slavery. It also contains           poetry and songs, history and stories. There are the writings of prophets, who called for all people to act with justice towards others. The New Testament consists of accounts of the life of Jesus (the Gospels) and letters written by his followers. Through reading it, we can learn more about God through the life of Jesus, and more about how we should lead our lives.


Prayer is about finding time to be quiet, to listen to ourselves and to listen to God.

Prayer is about finding things to be thankful for. Prayer is about change: the changes

we need to make to ourselves, and the changes for good we wish for others. Prayer is about trying to get things in perspective.


We believe that, by following Jesus, we can be rescued (saved) from lives    of selfishness, addiction, fear and despair, and released to be the people we really are. We can know what it means to be forgiven, which then helps us to forgive others. We believe that Jesus showed, by rising from the dead, that this life is not all there is, that death is not the end. We believe that we are called upon to enter the kingdom of God, and pursue the values of love, justice, mercy and peace now and in the life to come.


We believe that we should always work for peace, based on justice and reconciliation, and work to eliminate poverty, injustice and fear. We believe that our planet is part of God’s creation, and that it is our duty to care for it. We are called to be partners with God as stewards of the world in which we live: it does not belong to us, but we have responsibilities towards it. We believe that the world can provide for the needs of all, provided we avoid selfishness and greed. We therefore are against waste, pollution and things that spoil God’s world. We share our world with many other creatures made by God.


God wants each of us to work in harmony with him, and to live lives full of love, joy and hope. To do this, we need to change. Try this as a simple prayer:

Dear God,

 I am sorry for the things that are wrong in my life. I need to change, and live more like Jesus. Please come to me now, and help me to make room for Jesus in my life.     





This leaflet was produced by the churches of Walpole St Peter and West Walton; parish priest the Revd Neil Batcock

(01945 780252).

            Jesus said



            Jesus said