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Worship & Prayer

Worship and Prayer

Welcome to the worship and prayer section of our website. Worship is a meeting between God and his people. It is at the heart of our faith. Perhaps you are a visitor or a new member and want to know a little more about worship in the Church of England. Or, perhaps you have been an Anglican for a long time, but want to know more about our customs and traditions in the Diocese of Ely.


Here are a few links to help you find out more about taking part in public worship, the biblical basis for our services, understanding the sacraments and the use of music in worship.


Here are a few links to help you find out more about the biblical basis for Christian prayer, suggest a few useful prayers and introduce you to our daily prayer calendar.


Here you will find useful resources for spirituality Quiet Days and Retreats and also Spiritual Accompaniment, having someone alongside you as you explore your relationship with God.

It also includes information on the Simieon Centre for Prayers based in Ridley Hall, Cambridge.


This section of the website is concerned with the ministry of healing and wholeness.


Music education and training in the diocese is overseen by the Ely RSCM Committee (Royal School of Church Music).

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

The Church of England helps to celebrate and commemorate many of the milestones on the journey through life; these include weddings, funerals, and also baptism and confirmation services. If you wish to find out more about these, the first step is to contact either your local parish priest, or a Church of England chaplain. They will be able to tell you more and arrange for a meeting if you then wish to take things further.

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