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Prayer Calendar

Message from Bishop David, January 2013:

“If I only had a heart.” The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz longed for one, and it stands to reason – no heart means no real life, no passion, no courage, no love. So God promises us a new heart, a living, beating one, a way to be fully human, fully alive, and grow in the character of Christ.

Prayer with a Passion is the beating heart of every Christian life. Sometimes it runs strongly and regularly, sometimes weakly, sometimes it misses a beat or two, and sometimes it needs emergency resuscitation - but the call to keep praying is constant,  strengthened by the knowledge that Christ in his Passion for us is Praying to the Father for us already.

This Prayer Calendar is part of that call. It reminds us that the faith and the church are bigger than we are – calling us into the company of Christ, showing us the others for whom we must pray, challenging us to be faithful in that prayer, but also reminding us of the great support that the prayer of the faithful gives us as well.

Not everyone finds prayer lists to their taste, but one like this brings with it the great virtue of guiding us not just to pray for those we know well and like well but all the family of faith, and to pray for them with specificity, for the needs they themselves have declared. I will be using it myself – and hope that you will be too.

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